Just because NHS services are universally available doesn't mean they can't be outstanding

About us

We currently provide over 270 services nationwide with a focus on community and primary healthcare. We do this by working in partnership with a range of organisations and investing time and money to develop high quality NHS services which provide care good enough for our own families

Our services are free and available to anyone who needs them, but we take a fresh approach. Just because NHS services are universally available doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t receive an outstanding service.

We work in partnership with GPs, local hospitals, community services, mental health, social care and charities to redesign and improve services around what people need now from a modern NHS.

The kind of NHS services we provide include:

  • Walk-in and urgent care centres for when you need to see a doctor or nurse now, but do not need emergency care in A&E
  • Community-based services, such as sexual health services
  • Community diagnostics, such as ultrasound services, which are quick and easy to access through your GP and are based in a location close to where you live or work
  • GP practices where the appointment times are designed around real people’s lives and needs
  • Specialist services, such as GP services for asylum seekers and homeless people, so that people who need it most get a coordinated approach to their care
  • Community health services, which includes a wide range of services such as treating long term conditions, breast screening and running community hospitals
  • Prison healthcare, which provides all the healthcare needs to prisoners including GP services and diagnostics

Please get in contact if you want to get to know more about what we do.