Just because NHS services are universally available doesn't mean they can't be outstanding

Our history

We’ve been providing high quality NHS services ever since 2006, even though we’ve only been known as Virgin Care since March 2012.

In 2006 a company known as the Medical Property Investment Fund (MPIF), which specialised in building and owning primary care property such as GP surgeries saw an opportunity to work with GPs to improve NHS care by providing additional services.

In October 2006 MPIF rebranded to become Assura Group Limited, operating under three divisions:

  • Medical – working in partnership with GPs to improve NHS care
  • Property – focusing on the core work of MPIF
  • Pharmacy – a chain of retail pharmacies

The medical division grew from strength to strength and in March 2010 Virgin Group bought a majority share, setting up Assura Medical as a company in its own right.

As part of the agreement between Virgin Group and Assura Group it was agreed that the Assura Medical name would be retained for a period of time. That period elapsed on 1st March 2012 and almost two years to the day since the acquisition, we changed our name to Virgin Care Limited – and that is who we are today.