We only provide NHS and social care services where we believe we can make a difference. We make services better than they were before for the staff and the people using our services. In turn we provide better value to the NHS and the public.

We have three values which help us stand out from the crowd, not just because there’s only three, but because they are unique to who we are. They’re our moral compass and define the way we Think, Care and Do our bit.Values

We don’t have a one size fits all solution because every service we provide is designed around the needs of the local population. However, we do have a common approach to delivering the very best service we can for the local community.

Giving our team freedom to care

We know that our talented, motivated teams have the power to make a real difference. So we’re giving them the resources and support to do just that. We’re developing innovations to allow our front line staff to spend more time with those in their care, by investing in new ways of working like our mobile working technology that we’ve rolled out across our community nursing and health visiting teams.

Creating services around you

You can’t deliver great service without understanding who you’re serving so we spend time doing just that. We listen to local community needs and our commissioners and then design our services based on these local insights. We’re not afraid to look for inspiration and examples of great customer service outside our sector to improve our services. For example, we welcome everyone admitted into our community hospitals with an amenity pack with all the little necessities they might need during their stay.

Providing high quality services

We now have experience in providing over 400 services, across more than 100 service types. This coupled with the way we go about designing services enables us to deliver care that often exceeds the expectations of those using our services (more than 93% of people who use our services say they would recommend us) and our commissioners.

Expertise in getting up and running

We know how to mobilise a service safely, efficiently and on time and we regularly welcome new teams of clinical and administrative staff into the Virgin Care family, this is key to our safe transfer process. Employees often comment on how different it feels to work within the Virgin Care team, because we focus on innovating to allow our teams to spend more time with the people in their care. Watch this video we made of those involved in transferring Wiltshire Children’s Community Services to Virgin Care reflecting on their experience.

Reporting how we’re doing

In addition to our successful feedback system, our commissioners are able to use our online reporting system. It’s really important to us that this is really simple to use and understand so that our reports can be read intuitively. At the touch of a button our commissioners can see relevant, detailed information relating to the targets and objectives we are required to meet (KPIs).

Honest and transparent

We like to work in partnership with all of our commissioners. While we pride ourselves in providing safe, quality services, we know occasionally our services don’t meet the expectations of those using them. When this happens we sit down with our commissioners and discuss what went wrong, what we will do differently and what we’ve learnt so that we can put it right quickly and safely and make sure that we don’t make the same mistake again.

Safe and consistent

We have to meet Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards as a provider of health and social care. We run our own internal inspections and have robust online governance and reporting systems to monitor how all of our services are doing. This means that whether you are using our services or a commissioner of our services, you can be confident that quality, safety and privacy are our absolute priorities.

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Our paediatrician really makes me feel comfortable and is so eloquent. It’s difficult to discuss any issues a child may have but she really made me feel at ease with her.

Community Paediatrics Wiltshire


of people rating our services say they would recommend them to their friends and family.