Just because NHS services are universally available doesn't mean they can't be outstanding

What makes us tick

We believe in making a difference to how NHS services are delivered to the people who use them and we can’t do that without a great team.

In the same way we listen and constantly evaluate what people say about our services, we understand that it is as important to do the same with our employees. They are what drive Virgin Care and enable us to keep those who use our services happy.

It is our experience that listening to those who use our services and our staff leads to better care and also saves the NHS money.

Our values

Our values are our moral compass and core to our DNA. They underpin the way we deliver our services and treat those who use our services.

Our values are:

  • Caring – being present, demonstrating a concern for others, listening to and understanding one another, anticipating needs and wanting to do our very best for others
  • Fun – making people smile, showing enthusiasm and energy, being optimistic and trying to make things memorable for others
  • Innovative – leading the pack, challenging the way things are done in order to do things better, showing curiosity and spotting opportunities for change
  • Outcome-driven – focusing on what is most important, setting stretching targets and finding ways around obstacles. It’s about keeping sight of the end goal and delivering results
  • Outstanding – wanting to be the best, constantly striving to improve on the past performance, when you are truly outstanding you see success as the norm and second best won’t do!