While lots of our colleagues join us after applying for a job, when we begin providing new services many of the hardworking, dedicated colleagues who work on the frontline will transfer to us – it’s a process covered in law known as TUPE (it stands for Transfer of Undertakings, Protected Employment).

We know that it can be a little daunting changing employer – and if you’re set to join us through a transfer like this then you’ll be joining a national, fast-growing provider of NHS services that’s quite different to the organisation you currently work for.

As with any job, you might not be too sure what to expect or even what we’re all about. You can find out more about us by using this website. We suggest reading:

  • Our story so far to learn a little bit about where we’ve been, and our experience – we’ve been providing NHS and local authority services for more than a decade
  • Our brand new uniforms and how they came about
  • Watching the video to the right – some of our Wiltshire colleagues and parents who experienced a transfer talk about their experience
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The first steps

If you’re due to transfer to us because we’ve been selected as a preferred bidder for a particular set of services, we’ll be in touch with you via your current employer shortly after the announcement is made. We’ll usually share an email address where you can ask questions directly to us, and we’ll work with your employer to make sure you get to meet some of our team and ask questions about your individual circumstances.

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Once we’re named preferred bidder, we’ll be hard at work on a process called ‘Mobilisation’. In summary, this is a great deal of work our Integration team does to make sure everything transfers safely and no one (you included) is affected by the transfer day. This process includes your transfer of employment (TUPE).

What’s TUPE?

TUPE law means you’ll usually keep the same terms and conditions as you have today, including your pay, when you transfer to Virgin Care because we begin providing the service you currently work in.

There’s no interview, because the transfer is automatic if you’re eligible (and if you’re not, you’ll stay with your current employer). You’ll hear about the process from your current employer, and they’ll lead it. There’s usually plenty of opportunity to meet the Virgin Care team before you transfer and ask questions.

Normally, provided you’ve booked it through your current employer’s process and it’s approved, your pre-booked annual leave will also transfer to us – so it won’t affect your holiday.

Preparing for day 1

Our aim is to make sure that day 1 is just the same as the day before it. We’ll usually try and get your name badge and lanyard to you ready for day 1, and you’ll be invited to an arrivals event where you’ll be able to learn more about Virgin Care. Management colleagues may have had a pre-transfer day with our team looking at the details of handover, but this isn’t always possible.

Our aim is to make the safe transfer of services as streamlined as possible, so that the transfer isn’t noticeable to service users and they continue to see the same people, you have access to the same records and equipment, and everything carries on being high quality and safe. It’s our top priority when landing new services for day 1.

Still want to know more?

If you still have questions, there’s lots you can do. Until you transfer, the best thing to do is ask your current employer. They’ll be able to forward your question to us, or answer it directly. During the transfer process, we might not be able to answer all of your questions – but rest assured: we’ll tell you everything you need to know, and you’ll usually have an opportunity to ask specific questions about your circumstances during the process. Mobilising a new service is all about keeping as much the same as possible, so like we said – our aim is to ensure that you see no difference between the last day with the current provider and the first day with us.

We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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If you’ve applied to come and work for us in the traditional way then you’re not transferring under TUPE, and this page isn’t for you. Check out our main careers page for some more information on what’s to come for you. It’s just as exciting.

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