Extra help for mums at youth event on 17 June in Colchester

Breastfeeding experts from the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service will be on hand at the Young Children’s Festival to offer mums and their families’ information and advice on infant feeding as part of this year’s Breastfeeding Celebration Week (26 – 30 June).

Practitioners with Special Interest in Breastfeeding from the service will be available to offer advice and support to mums and their families’ at:

  • Young Children’s Festival, Colchester Castle Park, Colchester from 10am until 4pm on Saturday 17 June 2017

The service is ‘Baby Friendly Initiative’ accredited, a programme run by Unicef to ensure health and care services provide high levels of support to families on infant feeding. The programme is designed to allow mums to make informed choices about how they feed their baby, and receive support to successfully breastfeed.

The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a baby’s life, and as part of a mixed diet until the age of 2. Breastfeeding carries benefits for the child of reduced risk of infection and disease, as well as reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis for mums.

Hayley Hill, Lead for Infant Feeding and Clinical Support Development for Virgin Care in North East Essex said:  “Breastfeeding has life-long health benefits, a lowered risk of infections and disease for baby and reduced risk of breast and ovarian cancer for mum.”  Breastfeeding is also the start of a close and loving relationship between mother and baby.

“We jointly facilitate a variety of local support initiatives, including, ‘Preparing for Baby’ antenatal workshops and ‘Baby Beginnings’ breastfeeding support groups to help mums initiate and continue breastfeeding for as long as they choose.

Virgin Care provides the Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service in partnership with Banardo’s on behalf of Essex County Council. The service ensures families have access to support services including health visiting, parenting support, school nursing and family health services.

The service is the result of an extensive consultation with local people by the County Council to make sure that children and young people in Essex have the best possible start in life.

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