What services does Virgin Care provide?

Virgin Care provides and oversees a wide range of health and social care services across the country, spanning from GP surgeries to children’s community services. Read more about the services that Virgin Care provides.

Why is Sir Richard Branson providing health and care?

Sir Richard is passionate about health and care and was previously vice-president of the Patients Association. Sir Richard decided to create Virgin Care because he believes that health and care services can be delivered in a more innovative way that focuses not only on the important outcomes, but also every person’s experience of care.

I’m an NHS patient, why is Virgin Care providing my care?

Ten years ago the government began asking a range of organisations to help provide NHS health and care services to patients as a way to improve quality, reduce waiting times and bring more innovation into the health service. We have been providing services to patients, on behalf of the NHS and local authorities, since 2006.

Does Virgin Care pay tax?

Virgin Care is a UK company based in the UK. We always have and always will pay our UK taxes in full.

How can I find out where my nearest Virgin Care service is?

There are more than 400 Virgin Care services across the country. To find your nearest service click here.

How can I give feedback on the care I received?

We love your feedback as it helps us recognise the great work of our dedicated team and identify areas where there is room for improvement. We were the first provider in the country to ask patients in the community whether they would recommend our service to a family or friend. If you’ve recently used one of our services, you can complete the NHS Friends and Family Test, you can tweet us (@VirginCare), contact our Customer Services Team or speak to the receptionist or manager in the service you use.

What are the Virgin Care values?

Our fundamental aim is to make sure everyone feels the difference when using our services. Our values underpin the way we deliver our services and treat our patients, and inspire our colleagues to make that difference. Our values are: Think; strive for better in everything you do and don’t just stop at the minimum requirement; Care; provide heartfelt service and understand the importance of communicating; Do; involve others in your work and show resilience.

How are Virgin Care services inspected?

Like all other providers of NHS services, our services are regularly inspected by the Care Quality Commission and you can see our inspection reports on the CQC’s website. However, patients also inspect our services every day and let us know what they think.

How can I find out more information about Virgin Care?

If you want to find out more information about Virgin Care get in touch with us here.

How long has Virgin Care existed for?

We have been providing NHS healthcare services since 2006, but we rebranded ourselves as Virgin Care in 2012.

Why does Virgin Care use the NHS logo?

All providers of NHS services are required by the Department of Health to use the NHS logo so that NHS patients know the service is part of the NHS, and free at the point-of-use. We follow the NHS identity guidelines when we do, and our logo and name are usually also displayed in a secondary position so it’s clear who is providing the service to you.

We also use local authority logos alongside the NHS and our own logo where the service we’re providing is being funded by the local authority.

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Our paediatrician really makes me feel comfortable and is so eloquent. It’s difficult to discuss any issues a child may have but she really made me feel at ease with her.

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