Welcome to our feedback area

At Virgin Care we are always striving for better and aim to deliver services better than what went before.

We really appreciate feedback on what we did right and what we could be doing better. This helps us to build and improve our services.

Choosing the right way to feed back

More details of each service are available on their page, as listed below.

  • If you’ve visited one of our services, have been given a code and would like to tell us what you think, take part in our Friends and Family Test and let us know how we can improve and what we’re doing right anonymously
  • If you would like to get some advice about the services we provide, chat to someone independent of the team looking after you or let us know of something that went wrong or that went well, you should get in touch with our Patient and Advice Liaison Service (PALS)
  • If you would like to formally make a complaint, you can contact our Customer Experience team. There are also more details here on how to take your concerns to external bodies

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