#HelloMyNameIs Alison

#HelloMyNameIs is a campaign started by terminally ill doctor Kate Granger who, while being treated for cancer, was shocked by the number of staff she saw for treatment in hospital who didn’t introduce themselves.

During her time in healthcare education, Kate learned that building a relationship with a patient, starting with an introduction, was one of the first things taught and we certainly reflect this in the Virgin Care values.

As a result of her experience during her treatment, Kate started the #HelloMyNameIs campaign to encourage healthcare staff from all providers to introduce themselves to patients.

I’ve been encouraging our teams to support Kate Granger’s #HelloMyNameIs campaign through my Nursing Leadership Network which includes all the senior nursing staff from across our services in England. I actively encourage staff to introduce themselves to patients, for exactly the same reasons Kate describes.

By letting patients know in a friendly way who’s treating them, the relationship between our patients and us is more approachable, and patients will quickly become more familiar with us, building trust that is essential in many of the fields we work where vulnerable people need to rely on us for sometimes long periods of time.

Kate’s campaign is exactly the kind of positive, enthusiastic one that will only strengthen the fantastic work already done by our 3,000 nurses across the country.

I’m thrilled to see so many of our teams implementing excellent campaigns like #HelloMyNameIs as I travel around the country, and look forward to recognising their efforts at implementing the 6cs through schemes like this as part of my Chief Nurse Awards.

Take a look at Virgin Care staff supporting #HelloMyNameIs here.

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