How to make a long-term resolution for a healthier life

New Year, new you – but don’t make it just for January, make it for life.

Many people see the New Year as the time to make healthier lifestyle changes, but sticking to that resolution can be tough and old habits can creep back in within a few weeks.

So Virgin Care’s Health Improvement Team in Bath and North East Somerset is providing advice and support for those who want to make a change for good in 2018.

Health Improvement Service Manager Sarah Button said: “It can be really hard to make and stick to lifestyle changes, particularly as part of a New Year’s resolution. We recommend having a think about what you really want to achieve and setting yourself some goals.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t start straight away on January 1, we tend to recommend waiting a couple of weeks into January. Any changes you make, such as stopping smoking, cutting down on alcohol, eating healthier or doing more exercise can go a long way to improving your health.

“Whatever you choose to do, we’re here to support you.”

Top goal setting tips include:

  • Making one resolution rather than several gives you a greater chance of success
  • Break your goal into a series of steps so you can tackle it bit by bit
  • Keep a record of your plans and progress, so that you can see how well you’re doing. This will help to keep you motivated.
  • Reward yourself when you start achieving your goals.
  • If you do have a setback, don’t give up, it’s not the end, just start again the following day and get yourself back on track. Treat any setback as temporary.
  • Tell people what you’re doing, don’t keep it a secret. You’ll probably be surprised at the support you get.

For more advice from Virgin Care’s Healthy Lifestyle Service call 01225 831852

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