Driving innovation by listening and responding

Case studies

Exceeding patient expectations

Each of our 24 GP provider companies has been established in partnership with local GPs to provide exceptional quality community-based NHS services, which exceed the expectations of their patients.

Successfully working in partnership with GPs has allowed us to:

  • create a joint venture structure built around our patients;
  • provide local NHS services, so that the care our patients receive is free at the point of delivery;
  • deliver scaleable NHS services and challenge what was thought to be the impossible;
  • understand the local needs of a community and deliver those needs; and
  • exceed the expectations of our patients.

How we demonstrate it

We’ve chosen to showcase a few of our services that deliver on our promise to our patients and are worth shouting about.

Musculoskeletal service, Hampshire 

Dermatology service, Reading

Sexual Health Teesside

Broad Lane Surgery, Coventry

Musculoskeletal ICAT service, Worcestershire

Summerfield GP and Urgent Care Centre, Coventry