We’ve been running MSK and physiotherapy services in the community since 2009 and have treated more than a quarter of a million people. Our services offer free consultation, advice and treatment for people with joint or muscle problems.

Although each one is slightly different, generally your GP will refer you to these services. We’re always looking to improve how this works so you receive advice and treatment as soon as possible. You can now refer yourself into a number of our MSK and physiotherapy services and we use a telephone triage and advice service, where appropriate, to find out what treatment you need. With our support know that self-help techniques and exercise at home can make all the difference, so you don’t have to attend unnecessary appointments and so we can make sure we treat the most critical cases as quickly as possible.

Our physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced, so you will feel safe and involved throughout your course of treatment. They’ll also work closely with other specialist services to make sure you get the care you need.

All of our physiotherapy and MSK services are slightly different, but they have a common approach:

  • Improving your journey to care by keeping waiting times down, we can improve your health outcomes, so where possible we‘re introducing online referral forms for GPs and linking directly with their computer systems. This makes referrals easier, so they can spend more time with patients, and also safer as the right information is shared securely with other clinicians looking after your care.
  • Convenient and accessible – our MSK and physiotherapy clinics are based in handy locations in the community. Some offer the option of self-referral so people can come directly to the service when they are in pain, rather than waiting for a GP appointment.

These services have telephone advice service so we can find out what treatment is best for you and potentially, if supported exercise at home is appropriate, this avoid unnecessary appointments.

  • Responsive to you – we ask everyone using our services for feedback on their experience so we can find out what we’re doing well and what we need to do better. We have a national network of MSK and physiotherapy leads to share examples of best practice and learn together.
  • Safe and consistent – we have to meet rigorous Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards for our MSK services. We also run our own internal inspections and have robust governance and reporting systems to monitor how all of our services are doing. This means you can be confident that your care, safety and privacy are our absolute priorities.

Find your nearest physiotherapy or MSK service by using the map or read more about the Virgin Care difference.


  • Wirral Rheumatology Service

    Wirral Rheumatology Service
    1st Floor
    Birkenhead Medical Building
    31 Laird Street
    Birkenhead CH41 8DB

    t: 0151 651 1667

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I have to say my experience was excellent the whole way and I cannot fault any part of the care given. Thank you so much.

Preston and Chorley MSK Service