Virgin Care provides Adult Community Services and Urgent Care Services in West Lancashire, covering Ormskirk, Skelmersdale, Burscough, Rufford and Tarleton. We provide a wide range of services outside of hospital, in the community and in people’s homes. 

We began our work to transform these services in May 2017. Over the coming months, we’ll review and improve the skill mix in our Urgent Care Centres, delivering training for colleagues to improve their skills and step up into new roles, while working more closely with the Community Services we deliver.

We’ll also join up hospital and community care to help us identify patients at high risk of being admitted to hospital, prioritising their access to community services and supporting people to stay at home, live independently and avoiding unnecessary admissions to hospital.

Across our community services, we’ll introduce new technology making it simpler to access the services we run and creating a single electronic patient record. We’ll introduce a single point of access and then begin work to introduce ‘care co-ordination’.

We’ll also continue to make sure our teams spend their time doing what they’re best at: seeing patients, not driving to offices and sitting behind computers as we implement mobile working providing secure access to information on the road and allowing our team to update patients’ notes without a trip to base.

This year, we will:

  • Design and deliver a single point of access with our colleagues and local people to introduce a single phone number, one email address and point of contact for referrals.
  • Introduce our tried and tested mobile working platform so that our community nursing teams can spend more time with our patients. We’re starting in Tarleton and Burscough, as we work with teams to develop a solution that works for them before embarking on a wider roll out.
  • We’ll involve members of the public in solving problems we face, ask them for ideas to improve our services and share developments with members, through our Citizens’ Panel.

Our services

To find up-to-date information and contact details for our services please visit the West Lancs website:


Blood Collection
Community Cardiac Team
Community Emergency Response
Community Matrons
Community Neurological Rehabilitation
Diabetes Nursing
District Nursing
Community Rehabilitation
Falls Prevention
Nutrition and Dietetics
Skelmersdale Walk-in Centre
Speech and Language Therapy
West Lancashire Urgent Care Centre (Ormskirk Walk-in Centre)

More about our services...

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