“After 35 years in the NHS I was initially concerned about the transfer, however the level of support I have received is outstanding.”

What’s your role at Virgin Care?

I am the Children’s Specialist Services Manager / Head of Speech and Language Therapy / Professional Lead for Children’s Community Nursing in Wiltshire Children’s Community Services. 

How did you join?

I transferred to Virgin Care in April 2016 from the NHS.

What’s your professional background?

My background is in health visiting and I worked as a children’s nurse .

What are you working on at the moment to help everyone feel the difference?

Our feel the difference objectives vary across the teams. We are concentrating on ensuring every episode of care is patient-centred so that families feel their child/young person is at the focus of everything we do. In Community Children’s Nursing we are ensuring all patients receive a home visit and assessment within 72 hours of referral. In Speech and Language we are ensuring all parents/carers receive confirmation that a referral has been received and approx. times for appointment.

How has your role developed since you joined us?

My role has had some significant changes since mobilisation. We have developed a comprehensive children’s community nursing team across Wiltshire and I have assumed the role of Professional Lead. On a management front I have direct line management of additional services including Pharmacy and Clinical Psychology.

How have you felt the difference since you joined?

I have particularly noticed the strong governance culture in Virgin Care.

What do you enjoy most about working with Virgin Care?

I particularly enjoy the Virgin Care ‘culture’ and high level of management support. I have also enjoyed working with the Devon team.

I would highly recommend working at Virgin Care. After 35 years in the NHS I was initially concerned about the transfer, however the level of support I have received is outstanding.

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