Anita Andrews is our Operations Director.

Anita was previously Regional Director of Operations in the East, West and South regions and has been since 2014. As Operations Director, Anita oversees all of our operational services across England.

Anita has worked in the NHS since 1995, starting her career in finance and senior commissioning roles before joining Virgin Care (then Assura Medical) in 2007.

Anita moved into a senior operational role quickly after joining the organisation, and her role has grown alongside the business.

Anita says she is passionate about patient and customer experience and finds caring for the most vulnerable people within our society is the most rewarding part of her job.

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Our paediatrician really makes me feel comfortable and is so eloquent. It’s difficult to discuss any issues a child may have but she really made me feel at ease with her.

Community Paediatrics Wiltshire


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