Hi, I’m Jess and I’m Managing Director of Virgin Care Private.

I’ve been lucky to have worked at Virgin for more than a decade, always in healthcare. And, although I’m not a clinician, I have been a patient (and daughter and wife of a patient) many times. For us, that’s the most important lens to see our service through as we’re focused on giving truly consumer-led care.

I’m absolutely committed to making a difference, and have been since studying environmental science a (very) long time ago at Bristol University. It’s what I love about working for the Virgin brand. Every Virgin company, in its own way, is there to shake things up and give the customer a better deal.

We have an amazing team at Virgin Care Private with a wealth of experience in working in the NHS and private healthcare. We all believe that there should be choice, that top quality private healthcare shouldn’t cost the earth and that everyone deserves the best care when they need it.

It amazes me that in 2018, we don’t really think about wellness, prevention and healthy lifestyles more. Our health is everything, yet we seem to wait for something to go wrong before we seek help.

As MD of Virgin Care Private, I’m trying to create brand that helps people not just get better, but helps them live well and stay well. Imagine a world where we all knew any underlying potential health issues we might have, and better still, we understood how to manage them before they become a problem. We would reduce so much pressure on our health service as well as have a better quality of life.

The purpose of Virgin Care Private is to put the feel good factor into healthcare, helping people live life better, giving them control of their own health and wellbeing needs so they can be, and feel, at their best.

I’m most proud of the outstanding experience we can give our clients. To us they are the only person that matters when they walk through the door. Usually we can meet their needs within 24 hours of seeing a doctor, including referral for different tests to our partners, and getting results back speedily and taking the time to explain what the results really mean.

You can see when people walk in to our beautiful clinic and are met with big warm smiles, a cup of tea or coffee, and a ‘nothing’s too much trouble’ attitude, that their shoulders drop and they relax because they know they are in good hands and we’ll look after them.

It makes it all worth it.

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Our paediatrician really makes me feel comfortable and is so eloquent. It’s difficult to discuss any issues a child may have but she really made me feel at ease with her.

Community Paediatrics Wiltshire


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