Surrey Dental Service use Feel the Difference Fund to improve services

Virgin Care’s Community Dental Service in Surrey has been busy helping children and their families feel the difference using a special ring-fenced fund throughout 2017 to make a number of improvements to the way their service is run.

The service, a specialist referral service for children and adults who have other health needs, has used the organisation’s Feel the Difference Fund to purchase a special book which tells the story of a character visiting the dentist for an appointment, helping patients to stay calm and understand what may happen during their visit.

Throughout May and June, to coincide with National Smile Month, the team used the fund to help them promote oral health care awareness at events across Surrey.

Other changes as a result of successful bids for funding include improvements to the Buryfield’s clinic reception area, improving access for people with disabilities and low-noise approved fans to control the heat in the summer without too much noise. The service has also introduced optional music to clinic rooms and ‘tooth-shaped’ clipboards for patient notes throughout its clinics across Surrey.

Many people who use the service struggle with sudden or loud noises and new environments.

Lesley Ennis, Service Manager of Surrey Community Dental Services, said: “Throughout the whole year my colleagues have had some fantastic ideas and we have been lucky that we’ve been successful in receiving funding from our peers who select what projects to award funding. The Feel the Difference Fund has been invaluable to our service and without it we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have achieved for service users.”

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