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Welcome to B&NES Employment Inclusion

Employment Inclusion is a team of job coaches who can support people with learning difficulties and people with autism to move into full time paid jobs. We know that getting a job is important for people but that finding and keeping a job can be difficult to do on your own. Our job coaches can support you with this.

More about us

Employment Inclusion was developed following the D.O.H. Valuing People Now – Employment Guidance White Paper. A range of stakeholders, including people with learning disabilities and family carers were consulted and Bath Council decided to develop their own Supported Employment Service to support people with learning disabilities and people with autism into good paid job.

How we can help you

We provide a supported employment service to people with learning disabilities and those with autism. We offer an evidence-based and personalised approach to support people with significant disabilities into real jobs, where they can fulfil their employment aspirations and achieve social and economic inclusion. We also look to ensure that people retain their paid employment.

For a comprehensive guide to the services we oversee in Bath and North East Somerset visit www.bathneshealthandcare.nhs.uk

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  • Vocational Profiling:
    The first element of a successful job match is the vocational profiling or “getting to know you” process. Here we identify the aspirations, learning needs, individual skills, past experiences and job interests of the jobseeker. Working with families and support workers, we gather the information needed to develop a good job match. We look to identify the ideal job for that person based on their skills and preferences.
  • Employer Engagement:
    Many employers are anxious about employing someone with a significant disability. Once they’ve tried it out they often become very committed to helping people overcome traditional recruitment and selection barriers. We know that traditional recruitment techniques can be overly rigid and formal interviews seldom result in offers of employment. Employers are increasingly recognising the value of “working interviews” which allow individuals to demonstrate their skills in the workplace and allow the employer to gather the sort of evidence that a formal interview seeks to capture. A key element of our work is in engaging with employers, supporting them, offering them training and on-sit job coaching support for people in work.
  • Job Matching:
    A job analysis is usually undertaken to checks out any assumptions made in the job description. We look at all aspects of the job and the work place, including health and safety, to make sure we have the right job for the right candidate. We determine whether extra assistance or alterations to working practice or the environment are needed. We undertake a job analysis to ensure we can support the employer and employee in the best possible cost effective way.
  • In-work Support:
    It is important to offer appropriate levels of support and encourage the involvement of the employer and co-workers. We support the person’s induction and provide on-site training support where needed. We continue to job coach the person until they are able to do the job to the speed and accuracy that the employer requires. We also offer job mentor support to people who have autism and other mental health issues.
  • Career Development:
    Not many people stay in the same job for the whole of their working lives and people with disabilities are no different in having to adapt to changing labour markets and wanting to improve their working lives. We encourage the career development of the people we are supporting and have a good history of supporting people to get promotions, increase their hours and apply for and successfully get more senior or complex posts.

What to expect on your first appointment

You will get a visit from a Job Coach who will explain what we do on our first visit.

Referral information for professionals

We have a referral form for Professionals to complete – we need to know the amount of Personal Budgets allocated for our service.

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