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Welcome to Devon Journey After Child Abuse Trauma Service at Springfield Court

We support children and young people who have been sexually abused, sexually assaulted or sexually exploited.

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As far as possible, we use ways of working which have been tested by the research and which we know can be helpful to children, young people, parents and carers.  Our aim is to resolve the effects of the sexual abuse so the child or young person can develop to their fullest social and personal potential.

Case study

Elsa, 12 years old, came to the Journey After Child Abuse Team after she had been sexually abused by young man who was a friend of the family.

Read Elsa’s story.

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Learn more about the Early Help 4 Mental Health service for schools.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the Government’s health watchdog, responsible for ensuring that healthcare services registered with it provide high quality care that is safe, effective and compassionate. The CQC inspected our service in June 2017 and rated it as ‘good’. View CQC report.

Where do I go for my child’s appointment?

After we have received confirmation that you wish to take up an initial meeting with us, we will contact you and agree the place and time of your child’s appointment. If you need to bring any other children with you, please arrange for someone to supervise them during the appointment.

What happens during my child’s appointment?

First appointments usually last one hour. We aim to get as good an understanding as possible of the current difficulties and how they have developed over time. We may wish to meet with parents, children and young people separately or together as we want to understand the difficulties from everyone’s point of view.

Early appointments may include a large element of information gathering as well as more focussed work.

Depending on the age and needs of your child, sessions may include play, art, talking, or a combination of these activities. If parents /guardians are not part of the session we will discuss at the start what and how information will be shared.

How long will the appointment take?

Sometimes one appointment is enough to enable a family to cope better with their difficulties, but if a further appointment is required follow-up appointments take approximately one hour.

Bringing someone with you to your child’s appointment

You are welcome to bring someone with you to your child’s appointment. Sometimes our staff may also request to have someone present for an appointment. If you or the member of staff is uncomfortable with the person, we’ll reschedule to a later date when the correct person is available

How do I cancel or change my child’s appointment?

If you and your child cannot make the appointment, please contact us as soon as you can. This will enable us to use the time to arrange an appointment for another child.

How does the service work?

Children and young people are referred into our service because there are concerns relating to the sexual abuse or assault of a child or young person in that family. These concerns may be about how the young person is affected emotionally or physically, or how they or other family members are managing the stress or trauma of the experience.

We will plan the way we can best help, together with you and sometimes other professionals with whom you are working. This might involve offering services from different team members or specialist professionals according to your child’s specific difficulty and the plan we have made together.

How soon will my child be seen?

Our target is to see children within six weeks following notification from your GP or other professional.

How will I get feedback about my child?

You will receive a copy of the record of appointments and the plans we agreed together.

Who will treat my child?

Our team is dedicated to providing every child with the best care we can and every clinician has undertaken specific training. There are different types of staff in our team including doctors, nurses, psychologists, primary mental health workers and family therapists. When your first appointment is arranged, you can ask who will be seeing you and what their job is.

Every member of our team has to provide evidence of their registration, training and criminal records status before they can work with children.

Your child’s records

We record all the information about your child confidentially on our clinical system.

Click here to get more information about how we use health records.

Our commitment to you and your child

Virgin Care takes you and your child’s dignity and privacy very seriously and we will at all times respect your confidentiality.

Please treat our staff with respect so we can provide you with the very best care we can.

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Your opinion really matters to us

Please let us know if you have a comment, a compliment or a complaint by filling out one of our feedback forms that can be found within all of our service locations or telling a member of the team.

Alternatively, if you would like to make an official complaint you can find out more from our How to make a complaint section by clicking here.

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I was treated with great care and understanding. The care I received was second to none; everyone was so lovely.

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