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Welcome to your local multi sensory impairment service

We work directly with children and young people who have a dual sensory loss and have had a deaf-blind assessment, and been assessed as requiring one to one support, and funding secured.

Our support covers three main areas:

  • Orientation and mobility
  • Communication
  • Access to Information -Learning and development

MSI supports children and young people to understand the information they receive so they can interact with others more effectively and make informed choices. It also encourages the development of new skills to compliment, support and maintain independence, confidence and safety. Children are supported in their homes, educational settings and out in the community.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the Government’s health watchdog, responsible for ensuring that healthcare services registered with it provide high quality care that is safe, effective and compassionate. The CQC inspected our service in June 2017 and rated it as ‘good’. View CQC report.

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How would a health professional refer into the service?

To refer into our services children need to have a deafblind assessment to see if they reach criteria – this is completed through a referral into Integrated Childrens Services.

Where do I go for my child’s appointment?

We will arrange an appointment with you to come and visit you at home.

What happens during my child’s appointment?

A member of our team will come out to your home to meet you. We will use this visit to find out about your child’s needs and complete a care plan with you so we can gather all the information we need to be able to provide safe and effective support to your child. We will identify what targets you would like us to work towards when we are supporting your child and what activities they enjoy.

How long will the appointment take?

The length of the home visit will vary depending on the young peoples needs and how long it takes to complete the care plan. It is usually about an hour an a half but we can arrange another visit if required.

Bringing someone with you to your child’s appointment

You can have anyone at home with you and we are happy to have your child and any other children you have at the appointment.

How do I cancel or change my child’s appointment?

If you need to cancel the appointment you will be provided with the contact details of the person visiting and you can give them a call to rearrange a new appointment date.

How does the service work?

A referral is needed from a lead professional or a key worker. Once we receive a referral for your child, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

At the home visit, we will complete a care plan and risk assessment. We will discuss your child’s needs, aims, likes, dislikes, interests and any other information we may need to enable us to give you the best level of support.

With input from your child and their lead professional, we will then agree a plan of support for your child.

How soon will my child be seen?

Following referral, we will ensure that we see your child as soon as possible. While we can’t be specific in this guide, we will contact you to discuss when we can see your child.

How will I get feedback about my child?

Keeping you involved in your child’s care is important to us. We’ll keep you updated on your child’s progress either face-to-face or in writing.

Who will support my child?

We have a Team of Multi Sensory Workers and Communication Support Workers. Your child will have a team of workers so we can cover all sessions of support.

Every member of our team has relevant checks before they can work with your child.

Your child’s records

We record all the information about your child confidentially on our clinical system.

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Our commitment to you and your child

Virgin Care takes you and your child’s dignity and privacy very seriously and we will at all times respect your confidentiality.

Please treat our staff with respect so we can provide you with the very best care we can.

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Your opinion really matters to us

Please let us know if you have a comment, a compliment or a complaint by filling out one of our feedback forms or telling a member of the team.

Alternatively, if you would like to make an official complaint you can find out more from our How to make a complaint section by clicking here.

Email referral requests to, or ring 0330 245 321.

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