Luton Intermediate Care Service, 90 Tomlinson Avenue, Luton LU4 0QQ 01582 709 067 (available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm)

Welcome to Luton Intermediate Care Rehabilitation Service

We  provide rehabilitation to patients within their own homes and to those in the rehabilitation beds within Luton.

This is a community based service and we see our patients in their homes or in the community beds in Moorland Gardens Care home.

Please note, the address above is for correspondence only.

More about us

Our service is built around the needs of patients and carers and is integrated with social care services and voluntary organisations in Luton. The team provide multi-disciplinary rehabilitation to support people in regaining and maintaining their independence, assessing, setting goals and developing a rehabilitation plan.

We aim to enable patients to become as independent as possible after an illness or accident by supporting them after discharge from hospital or helping to keep them at home so they do not have to go into hospital

We provide the following:

  • An assessment of how you are managing at home
  • Advice on how to increase and maintain your independence
  • A treatment programme, if appropriate, working towards greater independence for a period of up to six weeks
  • Equipment to improve your function and activities of daily living as part of your treatment programme

What happens during my appointment?

Depending on your needs, what happens in the appointment may vary. Your clinician will be able to explain what will happen in more detail.

We require your consent to carry out any assessment, which may involve a physical examination. During this time you will be asked questions relevant to your problem in order to gain a full picture of your condition.

We will also ask your permission if we feel we need to share your information with any other people, e.g. social care, to make sure your needs are addressed.

How long will my appointment take?

The length of your visit will depend on your individual needs but usually a visit takes around an hour.

How do I cancel or change my appointment?

If you need to cancel a visit, please contact us as soon as you can. This will enable us to use the time to arrange an appointment for someone else.

How does the service work?

After your referral to us, one of our team will contact you by phone to organise a time to visit you. Following your assessment we will discuss with you how best to meet your care needs, if appropriate we will agree some rehabilitation goals and set a plan together. You will be able to discuss your rehabilitation, plan the number of visits you require and address any concerns that you, your family or carer may have.

How to refer into the service? (Information for GPs)

When you make a referral, please complete the referral form as this will help us ensure your patient’s care is organised as efficiently as possible.
Referrals can be received by e mail or post and we can also accept these by telephone when one of our team will ask you the specific questions on the form.
Please ensure all sections are completed

Luton Intermediate Care Rehabilitation Team
90 Tomlinson Avenue
Luton LU4 0QQ

t: 01582709067

If you are a patient, please contact your GP or community nurse and they will refer you on to us. Once we have received a referral this will be triaged and the most appropriate member of the team will contact you to make an appointment.

Who can be seen

In order to access the service you need to:

  • have a rehabilitation potential
  • be aged 18 or over
  • be registered with a Luton GP

Your records

We record all the information about you confidentially on our clinical system.

Click here to get more information about how we use health records.

Non-English speakers and other formats

We provide all our leaflets in other languages and formats. Please let us know if you would like a different format or language.

The national leaflet ‘Your guide to diabetic eye screening’ that accompanies each appointment letter is also available in large print, audio version and a number of different languages on the national diabetic eye screening website:

Our commitment to you

Virgin Care takes your dignity and privacy very seriously and we will at all times respect your confidentiality.

Please treat our staff with respect so we can provide you with the very best care we can.

Click here to find out more about your rights and responsibilities.

Your opinion really matters to us

Please let us know if you have a comment, a compliment or a complaint by filling out one of our feedback forms that can be found within all of our service locations or telling a member of the team.

Alternatively, if you would like to make an official complaint you can find out more from our How to make a complaint section by clicking here.

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