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Welcome to the Direct Access Physiotherapy Service at Farnham Hospital.

We offer assessment, advice, exercise and treatment to assist you with your musculoskeletal related conditions that may include problems with joints, soft tissue and muscles.

More about us

We treat any musculoskeletal (MSK) joint or soft tissue problem using a range of physiotherapy techniques including manual therapy, exercise and acupuncture. This may include problems such as back and neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee or foot pain including arthritis. We can also help with other joint problems such as frozen shoulder, muscle tears/strains/sprains (including ankle and knee sprains), and knees locking or giving way.

The Direct Access Physiotherapy Service is a community based service for the patients and GPs in the North East Hampshire and Farnham area. We have an experienced, professional and knowledgeable team of physiotherapists who can offer a wide range of treatment and advice. We aim to help you gain a good understanding of your condition in order to help you manage it more effectively.

At Farnham Hospital, we have modern and clean facilities that offer a welcoming environment for our patients. We take pride in the service we offer and our aim is to provide healthcare of the highest quality.

Please note that our service is not appropriate for children under the age of 16 years. Your GP or our staff will, if necessary, ensure that you are referred to an alternative service.

Please type in your starting point in the box below to give you directions to the service location.

How to refer into the service?

Your GP will need to refer you to the Direct Access Physiotherapy Service.  On receipt of the referral, you will be contacted by  telephone  with an appointment. We will call you on the number provided by your GP surgery so please ensure their records are correct.

How to book an appointment?

Our bookings team will attempt to contact you by telephone to book your appointment. If they are not able to make contact with you, you will be sent a letter asking you to call us.This service is available at two locations, Farnham Hospital and Aldershot Centre for Health. The choice of where you attend depends on your availability and how easy it is for you to get there but please note that appointments at Aldershot Centre for Healthare limited.

Our clinics at Farnham Hospital run Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 6.00pm. We operate an Aldershot clinic on a Thursday 8.30 – 5.00pm.

How long will it take me to be seen?

Our aim is to see all patients within 10 working days for urgent physiotherapy referrals. For routine referrals we aim to see physiotherapy patients within  30 working days. The urgency of your referral will be determined by the clinical information provided by your GP.

How do I cancel or change my appointment?

We appreciate that things come up but where possible, please provide us with 48 hours’ notice should you need to change or cancel your appointment. This notice will enable us to offer another patient the appointment. If you cancel two consecutive appointments, you will be discharged back to your GP. Once discharged, you will need to see your GP to discuss a new referral.

Should you fail to attend without prior notice, we will offer you one further appointment. Should this second appointment not be attended, you will be discharged back to your GP. Once discharged, you will need to see your GP to discuss a new referral.

If you cannot make the appointment, please contact us as soon as you can on 01483 782 179  Our lines are open 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

What happens during my appointment?

Depending on your needs, what happens in the appointment may vary. Your clinician will be able to explain what will happen in more detail when you arrive.

We require your consent to carry out an assessment, which may involve a physical examination. During this time they will ask you questions relevant to your problem in order to gain a full picture of your condition.

An examination will take place in order to investigate problem areas, for example, posture, range of movement or muscle strength. For this examination you will be required to undress to some degree depending upon your problem. For example removal of a top for a shoulder problem and removal of trousers for a back or leg problem may be necessary. Please consider this and wear appropriate clothing for your appointment.

Bringing someone with you

You are welcome to have someone with you at your appointment. Sometimes our staff may also request to have someone present for an appointment. If you or the member of staff is uncomfortable with the person, we’ll reschedule to a later date when the correct person is available.

How long will my appointment take?

Most initial assessments are booked for 30 – 40 minutes. Should you have more than one problem, this may be longer but you will be advised at the time of booking.

Follow up appointments are generally 20 – 30 minutes depending on your needs.

We do ask that patients arrive 10 minutes to their appointment time where possible.

Directions and parking

When you come through the main entrance at the car park end of the hospital, you need to take an immediate left and follow the corridor all the way down past X-Ray. The Physiotherapy department is located on the left hand side with Podiatry. This is all signposted for you. The car park at Farnham Hospital is free but can get very busy. We suggest that you allow yourself an additional 15 minutes to find parking and ensure you are not late for your appointment.



How does the service work?

Once you have received your appointment, please read the letter as it contains some useful information that you need to know before attending. On attending our clinic, you will be greeted by a receptionist and asked to take a seat ready for your clinician to call you.

People with special needs and additional information guides

We have access to language and sign interpreters which need to be booked in advance. Please let us know if you require this service.

We also provide all our leaflets in other languages and formats. Please speak to a team member if this would be helpful.

Your records

We record all the information about you confidentially on our clinical system. Click here to get more information about how we use health records.

Non-English speakers and other formats

We provide all our leaflets in other languages and formats. Please let us know if you would like a different format or language.

Our commitment to you

Virgin Care takes your dignity and privacy very seriously and we will at all times respect your confidentiality. Please treat our staff with respect so we can provide you with the very best care we can. Click here to find out more about your rights and responsibilities.

Your opinion really matters to us

Please let us know if you have a comment, a compliment or a complaint by filling out one of our feedback forms or telling a member of the team. Alternatively, if you would like to make an official complaint you can find out more from our How to make a complaint section by clicking here.

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