We’re constantly looking for ways we can provide better care by challenging how things have been done before if they’re not working.

We listen to our teams and the people using our services and many of our innovations, both large and small, have come as a direct result of this. This different approach and promise to provide care good enough for our families are about making a real difference in people’s lives − the Virgin Care difference.

Here are just some of the ways we’re ensuring our patients and colleagues feel the difference…


Retinal Grading ToolBeing innovative: Retinal Grading Tool

We have innovated diabetic retinopathy  practice after our Surrey retinal screener Nick Barclay invented a new Grading Tool. The tool enables graders to make accurate measurements of the back of the eye without using complicated software or error-prone strips of paper. Read the full story here.


 008Changing lives: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Nursing

Our Devon Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) introduced an effective drug-free alternative to the long-term prevention of relapse from depression and anxiety in young people aged 14-18. Read the full story here.



UntitledEmpowering colleagues to make a difference: Continence Team

We funded and empowered two colleagues to make a difference by producing a series of films on three different topics of bladder and bowel care to solve the problem and combat the lack of tools to help educational staff with the transition of supporting continence issues in children and young people. Read the full story here.


Chacommunity_nursingnging the way we work: Community Nursing

A multi-million pound investment in mobile technology and a new way of working designed by our community nurses in Surrey is giving them more face to face time with patients and making care safer. Read the full story here.



Virgin Care community hospital welcome pack

Adding magic touches to experience: Community Hospitals

We’ve introduced new welcome packs for inpatients at our community hospitals to make their stay more comfortable and give their families peace of mind. Read the full story here.

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Our nursery nurse was amazing when my son first started. She picked up my son’s baton and ran with it from there.

School Nursing, Devon


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