Virgin Care reaffirms its commitment to carers

Virgin Care, a leading independent sector provider of health and care services to the NHS and Local Authorities has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting carers through a range of programmes for Carer’s Week 2017.

The millions unpaid carers in the UK are said to save the NHS in excess of £100bn each year, helping people to stay living more independently than they otherwise would and reducing the strain on health and care services.

Since it was founded in 2006, Virgin Care has developed a number of schemes and tools to help carers and launched its Carers Club website, a one-stop shop for advice for carers around England – two years ago.

Virgin Care’s services also offer a carers support guide, with tips and advice on support available for carers, and a training scheme for its colleagues and managers to help better identify and support carers.

Each service also has a carer lead, who takes responsibility for ensuring the service engages with carers in its area.

This carer’s week, services across the country will hold tea parties and meet-up events for carers to speak with professionals about the support available and to have an opportunity to give feedback on the support they’ve had over the past year.

Full details of the activities are at

Toni Waters, Community Development Manager at Virgin Care said: “Throughout the year we support carers in our services and celebrate the amazing work they do, helping friends, relatives and neighbours stay more independent.”

Virgin Care is partnering with other organisations across England to celebrate Carer’s Week in local events.

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