What you said, we did in June 2017

Each month Virgin Care makes one change in every single service it runs as a direct result of feedback from the people who use the services. From little changes like moving chairs around to big ones – such as offering additional appointments or helping a patient with a specific request – it’s part of how Virgin Care makes sure that everyone feels the difference.

The scheme means that each year, more than 1,000 changes get made directly because someone who used one of our services asked us to.

We’ve picked some of our favourite changes over the last month (June) from across all of our services:

  • In our Specialist Services, we increased the amount of health promotion material available to prisoners. Patients now have easier access to information about mental health support, dentistry and more available on each wing and without speaking to a member of the team first.
  • In Guildford and Waverley, our adult services are working together when booking appointments so that patients only need to visit once to see multiple teams. This is reducing demand on the patient transport service, and improving patients’ experiences
  • In our Sexual Health Services, you asked us to offer more coil-fitting appointments and reduce waiting times. We funded training for more nurses to be able to offer coil insertion and removal, and increased promotion of online booking of appointments on the same day as well as offering postal testing to reduce patients’ needs to attend walk-in services.
  • In Lyme Regis, we’ve improved the practice to comply with the Dementia Friendly criteria. This included upgrading the cloakroom and various other changes to the building.
  • In our Integrated Children’s Services in Devon, we’re introducing WiFi services after they were requested and considering how best to offer hot drinks while complying with health and safety rules – watch this space!
  • In Essex Children and Families Wellbeing Service, parents told us they found information about the services and what was on offer had always been very confusing. We’ve changed the way we communicate, and now offer a one-to-one session with parents attending our service for the first time to clear up any misunderstandings.
  • At Purfleet Care Centre, people told us there weren’t enough appointments available. We added more slots with a nurse prescriber, handling minor illnesses to reduce pressure and free up GP apppointments.

If you have a suggestion for changing one of our services, let us know by emailing customerservices@virgincare.co.uk.

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