What You Said, We Did in March

Each month Virgin Care makes one change in every single service it runs as a direct result of feedback from the people who use the services. From little changes like moving chairs around to big ones – such as offering additional appointments or helping a patient with a specific request – it’s part of how Virgin Care makes sure that everyone feels the difference.

The scheme means that each year, more than 1,000 changes get made directly because someone who used one of our services asked us to.

We’ve picked some of our favourite changes over the last month (March) from across all of our services:

  • In Devon, a young person using the ROVIC service said he wanted to continue playing football with his peers despite his sight loss but did not know of opportunities available in his local area. We worked with the young person to help him get back to playing with support from Blind Sport UK. He joined a local group who play goalball, a football game for people who are visually impaired and he is now back enjoying the sport again.
  • Also in Devon at our Hillcrest Children’s Home a young person staying with us said he wanted to make a cookery book for the home so that he could try all of the different recipes when he visited. So we did just that, and supported him to create the book, using visuals and scripts to meet his needs and when he visited the home recently he made a coke float that he thoroughly enjoyed drinking.
  • People who use Bath and North East Somerset’s Community Health and Care Services for help to stop smoking said they wanted something to help take their mind off smoking when they had stopped. We funded and purchased some stress reducing toys for their hands that they could use.
  • A Parkinson’s patient said he wanted to go on holiday with his wife but had not been able to as he couldn’t to access a specialist hotel to meet his needs but we supported him to do go on holiday which he told us he was very grateful of.
  • In our Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service people said they’d like to receive text message reminders of their appointments, so we did and established text reminders for appointments with community paediatricians, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy,  Psychology and Continence services.
  • People attending our North Kent falls therapy exercise group said they would like to know more about local classes available that they could attend following therapy from our service. We arranged for one of the local postural stability group leaders to attend all of our last exercise classes which allows people the opportunity to get an overview of local classes and ask any questions they may have.
  • At Purfleet Care Centre, one of the GP practices we run in Essex, patients said they wanted to be able get through to the surgery when calling which had become difficult during busy periods. We installed a new telephone system, giving patients different options to speak to someone and a queue time that explains how long the wait will be.

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