Wiltshire Children’s Services complete move to hubs

Wiltshire Children’s Community Services, run by Virgin Care, has completed its move to four new, purpose designed spaces dedicated for both colleagues and children and families in Wiltshire, which delivers a milestone on the organisations plans in implementing its five year roadmap to deliver improvements in patient care.

Services moved from inherited estates when the contract commenced in April 2016 to hub locations in Trowbridge (BA14 0XG), Salisbury (SP4 6AT), Chippenham (SN15 1BN) and Tidworth (SP9 7FH).

These sites will be where patient-centred care is organised and coordinated, while service delivery will be either in universal settings such as schools, children’s centres, families own homes or Virgin Care’s dedicated clinical space.

During the process of the moves, delivery of services remained unaffected.

The development of community hubs as the focus for services across the county delivers on the promises set out by Virgin Care and Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for a single local Wiltshire service dedicated to children and their families based in the county.

Colleagues who were also delivering services to children and families but located outside of Wiltshire have been co-located into the hubs to ensure they’re now based in Wiltshire.

Val Scrase, Head of Operations for Wiltshire Children’s Community Services, said: “The estates move forms a central transformation programme that is critical for the delivery of the contract. It not only brings care closer to people’s homes – some of the services have historically been provided from outside of the boundaries of Wiltshire – but also improves the working environment for our colleagues, replacing aging buildings and infrastructure with brand new, purpose-designed spaces.”

Ted Wilson, Community and Joint Commissioning Director of Wiltshire CCG, said: “We are pleased the move to the four community hubs in Wiltshire will enable children’s community health staff to provide coordinated, person-centred care, designed around the individual needs of the children and to support them when they need help.”

For details for all services and their new location, please visit: http://wiltshirechildrensservices.co.uk/directory/.

Virgin Care started running Wiltshire Children’s Community Services in April 2016 on behalf of the council and local NHS.

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