Wiltshire schools impressed with Immunisations team

1538_fullSchools in Wiltshire have been left impressed by how Virgin Care’s Immunisation Team in Wiltshire’s Public Health Nursing Service conducted the vaccination programme for more than 12,000 children and young people in the county.
Feedback from primary schools who received the flu vaccination for the first time in Autumn 2016 found the experience they had to be “professional, lovely and brilliant”.

More than 12,000 children aged 5-8 years old needed a flu jab, but regardless of the enormity of the challenge, the team was determined to complete the task as efficiently and calmly as possible

Jenny Wilson, Area Public Health Manager, said: “Wiltshire comprises a large and challenging geographical layout which provides a very real challenge for our Immunisation Team. In addition to the existing immunisations programme, the team was asked to vaccinate the county’s Year 1, 2 and 3 primary school children – that’s approximately 15,000 children across 232 schools, during a particularly small window of opportunity between October and December last year.”

The flu vaccine for younger children is delivered through a nasal spray rather than a needle, with the process taking place in their school for ease, with children attending for their vaccination without a parent present. In addition to ensuring the right consent form is linked to the right child, it’s really important that the nurse ensured each child is put at ease through the process.

During the 2016 autumn term the team managed to vaccinate more than 12,000 children against flu. The questionnaire sent out to the schools asked questions such as ‘would you recommend us’ and ‘could we have done anything differently’.
More than 96% of schools responded and fed back extremely positively.

Schools said they were given enough information prior to the session and they were easily able to contact the team. 100% of respondents said the team were professional in their manner.

More than two thirds (69%) said they were extremely likely to recommend and no one said they were unlikely to recommend the service.

Schools told the service that “it was a smooth process and staff were really approachable”, while another added that they were “impressed with the effort [Virgin Care’s team] went to, to include everyone they could, their manner was professional but also personal and kind”.

Others added: “the ladies were lovely and great with the pupils”, “the team was professional, calming and approachable” and “it was all handled brilliantly”.

Jenny said: “Younger children are what is known as “super spreaders”, that is to say, they are particularly adept at inadvertently spreading germs and infections to those especially vulnerable such as the elderly (grandparents), teachers, siblings and other children. If we can reduce the number of children carrying the winter flu virus we can in turn cut down on the spread of this disease which, as we all know, can be fatal to vulnerable members of society.”

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