You said, we did – how we made services better in August

Each month Virgin Care makes one change in every single service it runs as a direct result of feedback from the people who use the services. From little changes like moving chairs around to big ones – such as offering additional appointments or helping a patient with a specific request – it’s part of how Virgin Care makes sure that everyone feels the difference.

The scheme means that each year, more than 1,000 changes get made directly because someone who used one of our services asked us to.

We’ve picked some of our favourite changes over the last month (August) from across all of our services:

  • Young people who visited the Hillcrest Children’s Home asked Devon Family Support Services if they could attend activities and trips out during the summer ASSETS_YSWD_twitpic_1200x640_young_people_day_out_27.09.17_LPholidays. As a result they enjoyed picnics, cheese tasting, visiting iBounce Trampoline Park in Exeter, fish and chips at the sea side, Morris Dancing at Sidmouth folk festival, visiting Plymouth Aquarium and going to the circus.
  • Parents of a deaf-blind girl asked us to expand the play and social interests for their daughter to encourage behaviour and interaction skills appropriate to her age. A Specialist Rehabilitation Officer for Visually Impaired Children worked with the class teacher and the whole class produced a tactile ‘friendship’ book including braille and contrasting materials about her peers’ current interests and leisure activities. Subsequently further books were created for three other children who were new to the class.
  • Patients of the Preston and Chorley Musculoskeletal Service pointed out that due to some companies having restrictions on taking personal phone calls at work they were unable to answer calls to remind them of appointments. An SMS appointment reminder system went live on 1 August so that patients receive texted reminders instead.
  • Receptionists at Warren Farm and Washwood Heath Urgent Care Centres in Birmingham were told there was not enough information about waiting times. Clinicians now let patients know the average length of current waiting times and the service management team is developing posters displaying the average waiting times from the previous week.
  • Users of both Bury and Oldham Sexual Health Services wanted improved waiting times for the drop in clinics. We increased our online bookings to four weeks in advance instead of two so less people need to visit the drop-in clinics.
  • Wiltshire Children’s Specialist Community Services was asked by schools to run training at the start of term on teacher development days so they didn’t have to release teachers for training during the school term. We worked with the Children’s Community Nursing services to agree appropriate training dates.

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