You Said, We Did – how we made services better in May

Each month Virgin Care makes one change in every single service it runs as a direct result of feedback from the people who use the services. From little changes like moving chairs around to big ones – such as offering additional appointments or helping a patient with a specific request – it’s part of how Virgin Care makes sure that everyone feels the difference.

The scheme means that each year, more than 1,000 changes get made directly because someone who used one of our services asked us to.

We’ve picked some of our favourite changes over the last month (May) from across all of our services:

  • In Surrey, we helped a family who use our services get together for a wedding by providing extra support and equipment for one of their relatives visiting from another area of England.
  • In our Hampshire Musculoskeletal Service patients told us they had to wait too long to tell a receptionist they’d arrived so we’ve installed a self-check-in desk to speed up the process and give people with more complex queries more time with the reception team.
  • In Coventry, patients told us the waiting times were too long. Our team rearranged rotas to ensure staffing levels matched the busiest times, which vary throughout the year. By the end of May 2017, 74% of patients were being seen within 2 hours, well less than our commissioners’ target of 4 hours.
  • In East Staffordshire we helped one patient who uses many of our services to get to a concert by their favourite artist. We made transport arrangements and provided a professional support escort who said we’d “made a dream come true!”.
  • At our Devon Children’s Short Break Home, one family asked us to encourage their child to taste new foods. We developed a series of ‘theme’ nights for food at the centre, using different meals and the young person had five new meals in five weeks!
  • In Luton, our service arranged to help a patient accept delivery of new equipment which would allow them to return home. Their family lived far away and were unable to be in, so we arranged to accept the delivery for them.

If you have a suggestion for changing one of our services, let us know by emailing

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