Virgin Care colleague presents at improvement event

In March this year Julie Andrews, Patient Advice Liaison Service for the Norfolk Prisons, and Janet Cruise, PALS Manager, won the Patient Experience Network (PEN) National Awards for “Turning it Around When it Goes Wrong”.

The team introduced PALS’ clinics within the three Norfolk prisons to ensure an accessible service to resolve concerns as quickly as possible.  She has also established prisoner healthcare reps who support the PALS’ service including distributing appointment slips, with the result of reducing non-attendance rates.  The team has resolved more than 200 issues in its first year and improved patient satisfaction as evidenced in a recent survey.

Following on from the awards, Julie was invited to present the PALS award with other award winners and finalists to showcase going forward, at the Insight for Improvement – Regional Roadshow, Cambridge in July.

The roadshow is a series of events where which bring some of the excitement and best practice from this year’s National PEN Awards into the regions. Over each day the audience heard from many of the regional winners and finalists who used feedback and insight to drive improvement in healthcare to showcase their work.

Julie spoke about how healthcare and complaints handling have improved and the new introduction of health promotion videos to raise awareness covering dental, smoking cessation etc. Louise Blunt, PEN, Head of Operations and NHS England, said: “The events received fantastic feedback, they achieved the aim of sharing great practice, raising the profile of organisations delivering on the front line, and delegates got a lot out of the day. We have just been given the wonderful news that NHS England will be supporting the Insight category again this year, enabling us to do it all over again next year.”

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