Fidget cubes help keep dental patients relaxed

Popular ‘fidget cubes’ are helping to relax children and young people who are being treated by Virgin Care’s Surrey’s Community Dental Service.

The specialist referral service is provided at 11 dental clinics across Surrey for children and adults who have other health and special needs.  Staff thought of the initiative earlier this year in the height of the popularity of the toy and applied to Virgin Care’s Feel the Difference Fund so they could buy cubes for each of the clinics.

The small plastic cube has different gadgets on each side such as switches, buttons, metal balls or rotating gears which provide a variety of sensory actions particularly helpful for people with anxiety, autism or ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Lesley Ennis, Service Manager for Surrey’s Community Dental Service, said: “When someone is hypersensitive to the environment we operate in, they might bite their nails, pinch their skin or be apprehensive which makes the treatment they need harder to provide.

“While we’ve used stress balls in the past, fidget cubes have been a real hit with the children, offering a less harmful way for them to expend their nervous energy.”

To ensure they remain hygienic the cubes are cleaned after every use.

The Feel the Difference fund is a dedicated £100,000 a year made available for projects designed and delivered by frontline staff to improve the experience of people using the services.

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