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Click on the correct link depending on which part of Virgin Care you’re based:


Welcome to Myinfo, the place where you can update your contact details and location, set security information and change/reset your password.

Q: Why is Myinfo important to me?
A: Up-to-date contact details allow you to find colleagues faster and helps the IT Servicedesk resolve your support calls faster and more efficiently. Myinfo can also help with resetting your password through the ‘Change password’ feature.

Q: What is involved?
A: To update your details, we’ve produced an online form. All you need to do is fill out the details on the User Information tab and click ‘update’. There is also an online form to reset your password.

Q: What details do you require?
A: The details are nothing more than contact information including phone number(s), job title, location and manager. Before you can reset your password, you will have to set your security question on the Password Management tab.

Q: What if I don’t update my details?
A: If you don’t update your details, then it will be harder for colleagues to contact you and it may be difficult for the IT Servicedesk to support you in a timely manner. In extreme cases, your IT support call may be closed if we are unable to contact you. You also won’t be able to reset your password yourself.

Q: Will I have to use my Virgin Care email address to access Myinfo?
A: Yes. But this does mean that your updated contact details will be part of the Global Address book available to all Virgin Care staff (through Outlook or Webmail), so colleagues will be able to find you faster.



  1. Click on either the ‘My info’ or ‘Change password’ link above for your region.
  2. Log in to Myinfo using your standard windows/email username and password.
  3. Fill in the details requested then click ‘Update’.
  4. That’s it... You’re done!

You will receive an email from the IT team confirming the changes you’ve made.

*See also user guide